About Annie Barr

About Annie Barr 2018-05-11T15:28:01+00:00

After a 35 year career in the NHS and frustrated by the lack of access to high quality education and professional development, Annie established her training and consultancy services. Her aim was to improve the confidence and competence of the healthcare workforce and consequently patient care.

Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, and Annie Barr is now a leading provider of accredited healthcare training and consultancy in the UK and overseas.

Our engaging, face-to-face courses are both practical and theoretical, equipping you or your workforce with the skills, knowledge and competence needed to provide compassionate and high quality care.

Our comprehensive consultancy services provide strategic support to healthcare organisations looking to strengthen the quality of their healthcare delivery and patient care.

Annie Barr works closely with Dr Idowu who is based in Newcastle University. Dr Idowu is working with Annie is China and the UK to expand personalised medicine approaches using scientific research. Click here for more information about Hexislab.

image: Annie Barr with Dr Sola Idowu and Mr Kevin Holland (Beijing Embassy)