Annie Barr on MBC News London


Annie Barr Associates were recently selected to talk about the role and importance of the medical chaperone, on MBC News London.

You can view the article and video interview with Annie Barr on the MBC News, the website and available transcript are in Korean, an English copy of the interview is below.

In the US and UK, a medical chaperone is employed to overlook a medical examination.

They act as a third party to raise any problems and prevent medical harassments for protection of patients.

Annie Barr, Chief Exec of Annie Barr Associates
‘Chaperone would be, what we would say is a lay witness and somebody who witnessed a situation and could speak for the patient or the professional involved’

Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect system to fully protect a patient from every danger that may arise.

But there must be a relationship where the patient is able to consult freely to a doctor and the doctor must gain trust from the patient in order to prevent harassment and legal medical dispute.

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