Asthma in schools


This week, on World Asthma Day we learnt more about the tragic death of a 14 year old boy from a sudden asthma attack in school. Since 2014 schools have had a statutory duty of care to support children and young people with medical conditions, including asthma. A vital part of supporting children with medical conditions in school is recognising and managing risk. Effective care planning helps us to do this and helps children and young people to stay safe at school. The emerging details highlight the importance and value of high quality training, not only for those who work in schools but also for school nurses who advise and guide school staff on how to support children with medical conditions.

At Annie Barr Associates we provide high quality, effective training delivered by clinicians experienced in working with children, young people and schools. We can provide bespoke training to School Nurses and to School Staff on how to manage asthma and allergy in the school setting.

Find out more about our selection of asthma courses by viewing our courses page and searching for “asthma” contact us to organise a bespoke tailored Asthma course for your organisation. We have 10% discount code if you book using code ‘Asblog’

Deborah Waddell
Senior Asthma Consultant Annie Barr Associates

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