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Here at AB Health Group we have been working very hard to find medtech solutions to help people get back to work. Together with technology partners we have our new Immunofluorescence Chromatography testing solution for COVID 19. It is a antibody testing for IgG (whether you have had the virus) and IgM (whether you have the virus currently). This method has been used in Italy and been endorsed by the Italian govt as being 99% accurate and above 95% sensitivity in clinical studies. The test is quick (8mins) gives you a print out of your results so you can keep a record. The machine is for use by healthcare professionals and trained staff only. We provide full training in how to use the machine and we will come to your workplace to undertake this. This machine and test is fully CE Certified and is approved for sale by the MHRA in the UK.

•Under normal circumstances, the body can produce IgG/M antibodies after infection with the virus.
•IgM antibodies generally start to rise within 1 week of the initial infection and reach a peak in 2 to 3 weeks.
•IgG appears later than IgM, generally appearing about two weeks after infection, and reaching its peak in the fifth week, which can last for 6 months or even several years.
The Analyzer Machine

The test

  • Quick and easy
  • Simple to use by trained professionals
  • Results in 8mins
  • Part of our back to work solution
  • Virtually painless testing
  • Finger prick test
  • Closed system –reduces risks
  • Point of Care Test
  • Prints results

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