Healthcare Consultancy
by Annie Barr.

In addition to training, we are also able to offer a comprehensive range of healthcare consultancy services.

As part of our bespoke training service, we are able to advise on the form of assessment that best demonstrates learning outcomes have been met and deliverables achieved. We do this by working with you to understand the aims and objectives of the training, how they align with organisational goals and then develop tools to measure outcomes before, after and during the programme.

We want to help you by providing strategic support to your organisation, strengthening the quality of your healthcare delivery and patient care.

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Healthcare Consultancy Case Studie: Peterborough 111

We recently provided a series of courses for Peterborough 111 service. As part of this, we devised a SAT tool that delegates were required to complete at various stages of the programme. We then presented the data to the client in a report and graphic format. This enabled the organsiation to have an immediate understanding of the impact of our training and provided them with valuable evidence of this.

In addition to this, we have also been commissioned to devise a number of important, high level competency documents.

We recently developed the following for City and Hackney GP Confederation:

  1. General Practice Nurse Competency Workbooks (from novice to expert)
  2. Health Care Assistant Competency Framework (from novice to expert)
  3. Mentor Portfolio for Primary Care Nurses
  4. Preceptorship for General Practice Nurses

Healthcare Consultancy Case Studie: RCGP General Practice Advanced Nurse Practitioner Competencies

Annie Barr was commissioned to develop the Advanced Nurse Practitioner competencies for General Practice by the RCGP.

Due to increasing and expanding care requirements in the community, the role of the Advanced Nurse Practitioner has been developed. This will assist expansion of community services and help to accommodate the demands on healthcare services by making best use of resources. However, there is currently no regulated competency framework to support standardised introduction of this role development and there remains a wide variety of ANP courses.

This competency framework therefore aims to provide guidance for educators, GP employers and aspiring ANPs.

Technology and Digital Health

Technology plays an increasingly important role in healthcare and we therefore aim to incorporate it into our training. For example, we provide training on the latest technological devices used in healthcare and use ‘serious games’; games that are designed for the purpose of education. Digital Health and big data are also markets that we’ve been involved in for several years.

We work with the following organisations:

GE Healthcare

We are strategic partners with GE Healthcare in the UK and China, with whom we work with on developing clinical pathways and technology solutions in the healthcare sector.


Imaginary are a company that uses gamification and associated technologies to provide solutions in healthcare and other sectors.


NineHealth are a social enterprise company created from within the NHS to improve health and well-being by accelerating the development and use of innovative technology.

Greymatters Healthcare

Greymatters Healthcare use technology to provide health solutions to dementia patients and carers.

We also have a wealth of international healthcare consultancy expertise. This relates to workforce development, policies, procedures, frameworks, informatics analysis, operational management and service redesign and delivery. We have established remote monitoring and big data centres in our clinics in China to support elderly care. We also advise senior officials, and Annie recently gave delivered a presentation about health and social care integrated services to Chengdu Department of Social Welfare. Read More [Chinese]