Occupational Health Nurse Immunisations

Course Information

course introduction

It’s vital for health professionals to have immunisation training skills. The immunisation training delivered in this general & occupational health course covers all occupational health vaccinations. It includes the latest outbreak information for flu. The storage, administration and disposal of vaccines is also covered along with the legal and regulatory environment of immunisation. We also cover practical sessions on injection techniques.

Each participant learns through practice with stimulating practical sessions. The Immunisation Training: General & Occupational Health course runs in accordance with the PHE National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training document (February 2018).


Aims and Objectives

  • An understanding of current information about diseases and vaccines
  • An understanding of safe, effective and high standard of immunisation care


Course Contents

  • The aims of immunisation training : national policy and schedules
  • The immune system: how vaccines work
  • Vaccine preventable diseases
  • Occupational vaccination: risk assessments
  • Occupational Health setting
  • Influenza, Pneumococcal
  • Hepatitis A, B
  • MMR
  • Typhoid
  • Dip, Tet,Pertusis, Polio
  • Men C
  • BCG and Mantoux
  • Types of vaccines and their composition
  • Immunisation: current issues/ legal aspects
  • Competence and assessment
  • Cold chain
  • Correct administration-techniques and practical
  • Adverse events: anaphylaxis
  • Record-keeping and reporting


who should attend?

  • Occupational Health Nurses
  • Occupational Health Advisors
  • Those working in NHS settings
  • Those working independent sectors
  • Those self employed
  • Agency staff

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