Weight Management

Course Information

Obesity is a much discussed condition, currently costing the NHS approximately £5 Billion a year and rising steadily with a predicted 50% of the population becoming Obese by 2020.

With numbers rising and staff time under pressure delivering specialist lifestyle change advice and monitoring may be best delivered in a group setting.

This is a comprehensive course enabling the delegates to deliver and monitor patients through their Weight Management Programmes within group settings and 1:1’s with the inclusion of medication, low calorie diets (including very low calorie liquid only), identifying the need for referring to specialist care for counselling and surgery within current NICE guidelines.

The course will also include the importance of maintenance and delivery after initial weight loss. This course will be interactive and discussion will be encouraged. It will be delivered over 3 days ensuring you leave with the confidence that you require to deliver a Weight Management Programme.


Aims and Objectives

  • To discuss the dietary behaviour and activity components necessary for successful weight loss and maintenance for patients
  • To deliver research & evidence based educational Weight Management Programme within a group setting.
  • After completing this course you will have the skills and knowledge to deliver a Weight
  • Management Programme within your work setting.


Course Contents

  • Introduction
  • Setting up a group
  • Group Dynamics
  • Mission Statements
  • BMI’s & Comorbidities
  • Readiness to Change
  • Barriers
  • Targets of Weight Loss and Benefits
  • PDP’S & Equations
  • Food Groups
  • Food Label Education & Delivery of Practical’s
  • Portion Sizes and Extras
  • Low Calorie & Liquid Only
  • Fluids and Alcohol
  • Food Diaries
  • Restrictive Eating
  • Binge Eating
  • Importance of a Quiz
  • Activity
  • Smart Goals
  • Referring On
  • Motivation
  • Body Image
  • Dealing with Lapses
  • Medication
  • Maintenance
  • Surgery
  • NICE Guidelines


who should attend?

  • Practice Nurses
  • Treatment Room Nurses
  • Health Care Assistants in General Practice and Secondary Care.
  • This course will also be beneficial to those working in Health Education within an Outreach Programme.

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