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Tips to reduce needle stick injuries

“Sharps” are an essential tool in healthcare provision. Common examples include needles for venepuncture, intravenous cannulae to provide fluid resuscitation and drug administration, as well as sutures in the operating theatre and emergency department. Clearly appropriate use and disposal is paramount, not only to protect the patient but also the user and indeed any other person who comes into contact with that environment from harm. Every year several thousand needle [...]

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Childhood Vaccination Update for Healthcare workers

Childhood Vaccination Update for Healthcare workers As a front line healthcare worker delivering or advising on childhood vaccination, you’re unlikely to be asked the vaccination schedule in its entirety. However you may be grilled with several questions relating to the evidence for, efficacy and safety of vaccinations. As a subject which frequently causes controversy it’s important to have a working knowledge of vaccinations and to be able to address parents’ [...]

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Mastering the important skill of Venepuncture

While the majority of blood taking has been devolved to phlebotomists, nevertheless it is important for all appropriate healthcare individuals to be able to perform this useful skill, as phlebotomy rounds tend to be at fixed times, and sometimes blood results are needed rapidly. Although you may initially wish to practice on a mannequin, your confidence will be improved by regularly performing venepuncture in the real world scenario. As with [...]

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Doha Qatar Meeting

Annie Barr was invited to Doha Qatar very recently to meet some members of the royal family and to discuss training opportunities. Annie attended with Vito our Italian partners from Milan. This was an opportunity to discuss how we use serious games and gamification on some of our courses. We are also developing other digital and innovative online technology to deliver training programmes across the world. [...]

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Annie Barr Receives MBE

Annie Barr has received an MBE on the Queens New Years Honours list. Annie has been nominated for this prestigious honour for her work internationally, For services to Exports in Healthcare. Exporting our world class healthcare and elderly care training. Annie has been active in China for 4 years and provided a pediatric course for GPs in Hangzhou and Beijing along with her colleague Dr Philip Le Dune. More recently [...]

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The NHS Health Check

Despite cardiovascular disease killing more persons than any other illness, cancer included, and being responsible for one in four premature deaths, it may come as a surprise that only half of the population take up the offer of a completely free NHS Health Check, sometimes also referred to as a “healthy heart check”. With many of the symptoms of heart disease, including raised cholesterol, atrial fibrillation and hypertension often asymptomatic, [...]

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Tuberculosis Update for Healthcare Professionals

With over 2 million deaths a year worldwide, and around 8,000 new cases diagnosed annually in the UK alone, Tuberculosis, commonly abbreviated to TB, is still very much an active problem. Though the concentration of cases in Great Britain is low compared to some parts of the world, global travel has seen a rise in the numbers since the 1980s, including from areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, [...]

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Innovations in Primary Care Conference

As we move towards a seven day NHS, experts have raised concerns that the already stretched Primary Care sector cannot take the strain. The GP Forward View, published in April 2016, sets out ambitious proposals aimed at boosting recruitment, investment in technology and developing GP Practices. Annie Barr will be speaking at the Innovations in Primary Care Conference. The conference includes leading experts from the health sector who will provide [...]

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Practical Advice on the use of Chaperones

In recent years, there has been a field change in the healthcare-patient relationship, from that of paternalism, to shared decision making. Increasingly patients want a hand in choosing their management. Often a physical examination is not only part of this process, but also represents good care. We therefore should to be able to justify the need for what can often be an intimate procedure, as well as explain it at [...]

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Work Related Stress and Burnout

As healthcare workers we are always advised to be vigilant to the possibility of mental health problems in our patients. In contrast, we are often not very good at recognising the symptoms and signs in ourselves or our co-workers, and even when we do; there is often a reluctance to admit to them, and even greater opposition to actually addressing them. Yet with 45 million days a year lost due [...]

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Winter Pressures – Recruiting Nurses and HCAs

For years people have asked if we recruit nurses and HCAs, it's a question that has come up time and time and again and after so many years we have decided now is the time! Initially we are looking at easing winter pressures this year, to acheive this we will help recruit staff for you. Since our launch we have been in contact with a number of people and organisations [...]

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