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Current Approaches to Mental Health

Although the profile of mental health issues has been greatly raised in the last few years, and with good reason, sadly it has often struggled to gain parity with physical illnesses, in terms of both funding as well as importance in the minds of some healthcare professionals as well as members of the general public. Whereas previously advice was commonly along the lines of “pull yourself together”, we now recognise [...]

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Zika Virus in the UK

It is very unlikely that there will ever be an outbreak of Zika Virus in the UK, simply because its vector, the aedes aegypti mosquito, which also carries dengue and yellow fever, cannot survive the weather in this country. Nonetheless, as healthcare professionals, we need to be aware of diseases affecting other parts of the world. In an era of global travel, some patients will be planning foreign trips to [...]

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Childhood Immunisation

The UK childhood immunisation schedule is well established and begins at eight weeks post birth, extending to 14 years of age, with boosters thereafter. Ideally all children should be immunised, for their own protection, as well as that of the wider population. The principle of herd immunity, whereby large numbers of individuals engage with the programme, means those not vaccinated are less likely to come into contact with disease vectors. The full schedule [...]

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Travel Vaccination

With the advent of global travel, which is now no longer limited to the traditional holiday seasons, as healthcare professionals, we need to have an awareness and understanding of travel vaccinations. Some patients may only mention their plans for trips abroad as an aside to the main reason for consultation, with others attending specifically for advice on their upcoming journey. The basis of advice is simple. There are a number of [...]

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Flu Vaccination

Although it may seem an odd time to be highlighting the importance of flu vaccination, with the longest day of summer just gone, nonetheless the beginning of the flu season is only three months away, so now may be a pertinent time to remind ourselves how important this vaccination is. Flu is a viral respiratory illness, spread through droplet infection, i.e. coughing or sneezing. It is highly infectious to close [...]

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Influenza Immunisation 2017

It's really important that everyone is immunised and in particular with the Influenza vaccine. Every year the strain covered in the vaccine is reviewed and usually changes and new strains added. The World Health Organisation (WHO) issues guidance based on experiences and strains in other countries and the Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) reviews evidence and modifies advice accordingly. The aim of the national flu immunisation programme is [...]

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Dementia Awareness Week: Learning the Truth About Dementia

With over 800,000 people with dementia in the UK alone, and a further 400,000 unaware of their condition, dementia is a growing challenge that's happening right now. However, not enough people know that much about dementia. Lack of knowledge throughout the public, and even within the nursing and care sectors, is being targeted with an annual Dementia Awareness Week. Dementia Awareness Week 2017 takes place from the 14th-20th May (29th [...]

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Who Needs Chaperone Training

Chaperone training is vital for many staff members, and sometimes volunteers, at a range of medical and healthcare settings. If you're wondering whether you need chaperone training, or whether you need to consider training staff or volunteers at your workplace in chaperoning, then read on. What is chaperone training? Chaperone training takes a person-centered approach to chaperoning. It also introduces the roles, requirements and expectations of chaperones. This kind of [...]

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International Nurses Day

Today, May 12th 2017, is International Nurses Day. Celebrated each year on the anniversary of Florence Nightingales birth, this day gives us all the opportunity to thank and appreciate nurses for the incredible work that they do each and every day. At Annie Barr Associates, our goal is simple; We provide high quality training to nurses and the whole healthcare work force to assist in making their jobs that little [...]

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Asthma in schools

This week, on World Asthma Day we learnt more about the tragic death of a 14 year old boy from a sudden asthma attack in school. Since 2014 schools have had a statutory duty of care to support children and young people with medical conditions, including asthma. A vital part of supporting children with medical conditions in school is recognising and managing risk. Effective care planning helps us to do [...]

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The Importance of Communication

On the way home from another series of meetings in London today and I was struck by how good it is to meet with clients and our trainers. Communication is so important in any circumstance and understanding how to communicate is essential. Whilst in China last week, I visited an Elderly Care Centre and I was struck by how we sometimes don’t need words to communicate. One smile or one [...]

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