Our Directors Journey In Business Part 1


I have wanted to write about what it is like to be a nurse who runs her own company/s. I started out as an Enrolled Nurse in Psychiatric Nursing and qualified in 1982. When I reflect back on what has happened since then I am astounded. Leaving school with 2 O levels in the late 70’s to doing 3 degrees as a mature student and ending with an MBE has been a humbling journey. A journey that many may think has been easy, when in fact it’s been anything but. Leaving school with 2 O’levels always made me feel “like I was academically thick”. A very good friend of mine said to me when I was in my early 20’s, “everyone is born with the same brain, same potential and if you want to succeed all you need to do is believe”. I took that to heart and applied through the clearing system for a university degree in “Religious studies”. I got a place on Health Sciences degree and I guess I realised that Healthcare was where I was meant to be.

I finished my 3 year honours degree and then was offered a place on a Masters Degree. The rest is history.  Changing my mindset, seeing things differently and understanding and believing in potential was critical in my progression.

Roll on 20 years and I started running my own business. I realised that I found what I loved. My father was teacher and an excellent one. He has always been my inspiration. He still is.  I started teaching/training healthcare professionals to help them progress in their careers, to improve patient care, to equip the workforce for the future.

Our short courses started in 2009, my first ever course was B12 deficiency. I have always been interested in that subject (more in another blog later) and now we have developed over 200 courses in our portfolio.

We have worked with many wonderful clients, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, healthcare assistants and medical admin staff over the last 13 years. These people have inspired me with their thirst for learning and training. Many wonderful hours have been spent doing what I love doing.

So getting back to business, it’s often a lonely road, people who you think would support you don’t, they may be there when the going is good, but when its tough they disappear. I have learned who is behind you is so critical to success. Many hours are spent building up the business, people misunderstand what it takes to be successful, and many long days turn into long months and years, working sometimes in excess of 20 hours some days.

However, I have never been happier, so fulfilled and content. So many organisations and people believed in me, they have helped me become the person I am today. Mostly, thanks to my wonderful husband who never never faltered in his support and belief that it would be successful and worth it.  So here we are in 2022, busier than ever, launching new services and products that will be revealed over the rest of this next year. Thanks to all my support network, without you I would be struggling. More in part 2 to follow.

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