Reflection and Business


Reflecting on the past year and all that has happened to people I know and others who I don’t know its been a year like no other. I’ve lost friends through COVID through the disease and some colleagues and acquaintances whom I met through doing PPE who turned out not to be who I thought they were. Sometimes, looking back perhaps too trusting and believing people to be honest and truthful and finding that hasn’t been the case. Some threatening and abusive and seen the worst of humanity. However, I have made some really good connections and new friends across the globe which has been such a blessing.

As a business diversification has been key to progress and understanding the market and the needs and adjusting, being flexible and resilient. We diversified by trying to help during a global crisis by providing PPE and other services. With our expertise in healthcare it’s been easier to reach out to our clients and help through this crisis.

Our courses continue and we have been using webinars most of the year and its become a regular event. Clients have enjoyed the flexibility of doing courses live on line which all of our trainers have enjoyed. Although we confess that we can’t wait to get back to doing more classroom sessions. We will always have a blended approach.

We are happy and very humbled to be involved in writing training materials to help out in India over the coming months and hopefully do our best to contribute in whatever way we can. We love educating and training and passing on knowledge. We also recognise that we learn just as much from all the different experiences of our delegates and clients throughout the world. We are grateful for loyalty and the recommendations we receive. If you are reading this and you are one of our clients then please know how thankful we are.

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