Diabetes is often in the media – not a week goes by without some news story about risks of diabetes, problems with diabetes care and the epidemic levels of new diagnoses. See these links:



Primary care is at the sharp end of this issue and yet not everyone out there is confident of supporting people with diabetes. Many people with diabetes, their family and friends will have questions and the complex issues and confusion in the media can be upsetting and unsettling for patients.

The most important issue for me is that we understand that there is a fundamental difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. In a recent news item the differences were not made clear and it there was a twitter debate from people with type 1 diabetes about how vexing this issue can be. You CANNOT prevent type 1 diabetes by losing weight and improving lifestyle choices – you just cannot. Managing type 1 diabetes is VERY different from managing type 2 diabetes – this distinction is very important and essential to maintain patient safety both in the community and in care settings

The Diabetes Course offered by Annie Barr Associates has been designed specifically to enable health care assistants to work with their patients to help them manage their condition with as much information as necessary. The 1 day course takes an approach that enables participants to explore their individual learning needs and help them identify key actions to take back to the practice after the course. Participants are signposted to key sources of information and introduced to the evidence base for current diabetes care.

Sue Spencer
PGDip Leadership Coaching, MA, PGCE, MSc, BA, NDNCert, RN
Annie Barr Consultant
Diabetes Trainer

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