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Areas of healthcare training expertise

We are passionate about developing and delivering courses that cater to every training need of the healthcare workforce, be they healthcare support workers, healthcare assistants, nurses, GPs or medical receptionist and administrative staff.

We run a range of our most popular courses at our nationwide venues on scheduled dates. These are open to all and can be booked via our website or by telephone.

We are able to develop tailored training programmes specific to the needs of your workforce. These can be delivered at one of our venues or in-house, anywhere in the country.

Strategic support for healthcare organisations looking to strengthen the quality of their healthcare delivery & patient care.

High quality and cost effective eLearning modules that can be carried out anytime, anywhere.

As an NCFE and CACHE accredited centre we are able to deliver a range of relevant healthcare qualifications that are mapped to the QCF framework and award transferable credits.

Our apprenticeships are a fantastic way to progress on your career pathway through development. Gain practical and relevant experience by performing a role.

Client Testimonials

I am highly impressed by the excellent results produced by my colleague throughout the training period. I expect this exceptional achievement will be reflected in his performance as a carer by implementing the knowledge he has gained in all activities.

Care Certificate Assessor

I felt I had to send you a quick e-mail this morning about the [Effective Telephone Skills + Conflict Management for Receptionists] course which most of my staff attended yesterday afternoon. They thought it was very useful and pertinent to their job. They felt it was a refreshing change to have someone presenting the course who not only knew what they were talking about, but had first hand experience. Top marks should go to the trainer.

Practice Manager, Effective Telephone Skills + Conflict Management for Receptionists

Just wanted to say a quick thank you. I have to say you guys are some of the nicest people I have come across in my working profession.

Assistant Employment Advisor, Delegate Mentor

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Childhood Vaccination Update for Healthcare workers As a front line healthcare worker delivering or advising on childhood vaccination, you’re unlikely to be asked the vaccination schedule in its entirety. However you may be grilled with several questions relating to the evidence for, efficacy and safety of vaccinations. As a subject which frequently causes controversy it’s important to have a working knowledge of vaccinations and to be able to address parents’ [...]

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While the majority of blood taking has been devolved to phlebotomists, nevertheless it is important for all appropriate healthcare individuals to be able to perform this useful skill, as phlebotomy rounds tend to be at fixed times, and sometimes blood results are needed rapidly. Although you may initially wish to practice on a mannequin, your confidence will be improved by regularly performing venepuncture in the real world scenario. As with [...]